My Favorite CORE Workout

January 17, 2017

Core muscles are super important to work, not only because of the desire for a flat tummy but because ALL moves come from the core. A stronger core can help with posture and back pain, which is super important in keeping us injury free. For me, working the core is something I try to do in every workout. I usually do not devote a specific ab section to my workout, it’s more-so intertwined in my workout because I try and engage my core throughout. However, sometimes I love to isolate my abs/core and devote 15 minutes just to those muscles.

Here’s my favorite core workout that you can do without any equipment!

15 Minute Core Workout

1 minute Pike to Plank

1 minute 3-Legged-Dog to Knee Into Chest (30 secs RT, 30 secs LT)

1 minute Leg Lifts Up and Down

1 Minute Crunches with Legs Up

Repeat 2 more times (3 times total)

Stretch for 2 minutes

Take a look at the photos and cues below for more information on form and technique.


For Pike position, focus on bringing your glutes to the ceiling with a straight back (no arch in the back). Hold your core in tight with belly to the spine and then bring your body through your arms into a Plank position. Go back and forth between Pike and Plank and focusing on your core the entire time, don’t let your belly hang instead focus on drawing it into your spine.



For 3-Legged Dog, point your toe and extend it into the air, keeping your core locked in. When you bring your knee to your chest focus on contracting your abs in.



Making sure your lower back does not come off the floor, bring your legs down and up 45 degrees. The second your lower back comes off the floor, you are taking the exercise out of the abs and that’s not go. To make it easier: bend your knees and bring it to and from table-top position.

For Crunches, keep your legs extended, toes pointed and crunch up, using your abs (not your neck).

I’d love to know, what is your favorite way to work your core? Do you do so at the end of your workout? Or throughout? Or both?

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    Hey yo, I think my wife beth Ann saw you leading a class at the robinhood Y. We should get together, as in your husband and you and my wife and I. It’s been awhile and if you’re living in Winston, that’s pretty cool. We live off country club. But I don’t need any style advice, I got that under control. Hope you’re doing well.

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