Finding the Right Jeans for You: Part 1

February 5, 2017

Hey y’all! One of the questions I get the most when it comes to style is this…

“How do I find the right jeans for me? I feel like mine never fit perfectly.”

Little known fact, I consider myself a true denim dork. ha! In my graduate program at N.C. State, I even wrote my thesis on premium denim and loved every minute of it. My thesis involved me surveying tons of customers in Saks Fifth Avenue and smaller boutiques in Raleigh. I was “that annoying person” coming up to you asking you to fill out a survey. 😉

Anyway, with that being said…I can help you find the right pair by educating you on what to look for when purchasing denim.

We are going to be tackling these topics:

  • Style and Fit
  • Color
  • Fabric/Fiber Content
  • Where to Shop

Let’s start with Style and Fit. To me, these are the most important concepts to grasp when searching for your ideal jeans. Straight leg. Bootcut. Flare. Skinny. Legging. Jegging. Relaxed. Cropped. Wide leg. Boyfriend. I could go on and on. And on.

Straight leg: simply put the jeans go straight up and down and are usually fitted around the waist and slightly relaxed in the booty. These are the traditional fit jeans.

Bootcut: usually a little more form fitted on the waist and butt. Cuts out slightly at the bottom of the jeans to allow for boots to go under your jeans.

Flare: these flare out at the ankle 70s style! (and are actually super flattering, trust me)

Skinny: skinny jeans are the most popular jeans out there today. They are fitted all the way down your legs and rear. Can wear boots over them most of the time.

Legging/Jegging: think of these as a tighter skinny jeans. Most of the time they feel like leggings and are super comfortable and thinner than normal jeans.

Relaxed/Boyfriend: Loose throughout and usually cuffed a couple of times are the bottom hem of the jean to provide a bit of style to it. (super comfy)

Those styles are the main ones for us to grasp. So, how do you know which one is right for you? That is the million dollar question. You will need to definitely try them on and experiment but you can also know that off the get go, higher waisted skinny jeans are the most flattering on our body types. You may be thinking “What? There is no way my bootay is getting in some skinny jeans.” Yes, yes there is. There are different versions of skinny jeans based off age and body type.

Everyone has a unique body type and we’re all different but here are my general recommendations based off body type:

Athletic Build…strong, muscular thighs, average waist

If you have strong legs, I’d be all about showing that off! It’s something to be proud of in my opinion. However, if you want to keep it more streamlined, go for a straight leg jean that is fitted through the waist and tush but goes straight down at the center of the thighs. This will even out your look.


Pear Shaped…smaller waist, bigger hips and thighs

High waist high waist high waist! I cannot say it enough. I know some people don’t like to have anything near or above their belly button, but high waisted jeans are SO flattering and help minimize any rolls we may have. 🙂 To even out pear shapes, the most flattering jean is fitted all throughout your waist and hips and flares out a bit starting at the knees. The KEY to wearing a slightly flared jean is that you MUST wear heels or look stumpy. Always wear heels if you wear flared jeans. Also, pear shapes can most definitely get away with skinny jeans but in my opinion not jeggings because that tends to draw attention to the bigger areas in our booties. 🙂


Apple Shaped…bigger waist and more to love in the middle.

As a general pattern, apple shapes usually have smaller and lean legs but have trouble finding jeans that fit around their waist and still keeps their legs fitted. I would recommend going with a skinny jean but a softer waistband that allows for more grace. I’ve been discovering amazing jeans that don’t have a traditional waist band and are super flattering. Back pockets need to be more mid level and not high up as to even out the tushie. Ankle jeans that end right above the ankle are also GREAT!


Super Lean…straight up and down skinny minnies.

Lucky son of a gun! The challenge you have is that you want more of a booty and more shape to your legs so you want to accentuate what you have. I’d go for a high-waisted super skinny jean that have pockets higher up on the booty– that makes our butts appear more lifted and perky. As a rule of thumb, you’re body type allows you for FUN and you’re lucky with tons of options! You can get away with playfull bottom hems like this one below.


More important than anything: these are just suggestions. If you feel confident and beautiful in your jeans, that trumps everything! Confidence and happiness is the key. 🙂

There is a lot more to consider like coloring of jeans, fabric/fiber content (one of THE most important) and where to shop. Stick around because I will be covering all of those!

In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions…please comment below.


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