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How to Start Editing Your Closet

October 28, 2018

It’s already cold here in North Carolina and personally, I am LOVING the cooler weather. I’m excited for my favorite fashion season to be here! Hello boots, jeans, scarves and sweaters. Even though I enjoy dressing myself for the Fall weather, I am so in love with dressing my little Everett (5 month old) in old-man sweaters, hats, jeans and cute booties. I mean, can you get enough of this cute-ness? The answer is no. (obviously because I’m his mom)

Every year I do 2 edits of my closet, one right before the cooler temperatures swing into NC and one when it starts to get hotter (in April or May). These 2 seasonal transitions are the perfect time for you to get in your closet and edit your wardrobe.

How do you go about it?

  1. Set aside a couple of hours because you do not want to rush this process. Considering how long it takes for us to collect these clothes and get unorganized (months), it’s going to take longer than 5 minutes of your time to edit your closet.
  2. Start by pulling your clothes out of your closet. I find it easier to lay them all on my bed and create stacks that way. Some closets are bigger than others and it’s better to see your options spread out. Spreading out makes decision-making more efficient!
  3. If you are only doing 1 seasonal edit, just pull those particular clothes out. More specifically, if you are trying to organize your Fall/Winter cloths, only pull those out. If you are doing the whole whammy, pull it all out. I, personally, recommend just doing 1 at a time (Fall/Winter OR Spring/Summer), so it won’t be overwhelming.
  4. Separate shirts, pants, jeans, sweaters, skirts, dresses, scarves, shoes and accessories into stacks.
  5. Once you have your stacks, this is where the true work and decision making goes into place. All the work leading up to this is purely organization to allow for decisions to be made. Start with one of the stacks and one-by-one go through each article of clothing. Ask yourself these questions, “Did I wear this last year?” and “Am I excited to wear this piece of clothing this year?” It’s that simple, y’all. If you have not worn something all year, you are not going to wear it this year. The exception to this is if you have changed sizes and/or bought the piece of clothing at end of season and are able to wear it now. Those are the exceptions! If you are holding on to it “just because you bought it,” DONATE it. I know it’s not easy to part with clothing because it is an emotional experience, but it’s essential to have only clothes in your closet that you will actually wear. You don’t need clothes in your closet that you are keeping just to keep. Donate, donate, donate. If you second guess it and think to yourself, “Maybe I will wear it…?” then chances are you will not wear it and you need to get it out of your closet.
  6. Create stacks to donate and stacks to go back into your closet. Put the clothes back into your closet that you are keeping and bag up to donations. Next topic we will discuss is all about how to get your outfits ready for the week…I am telling you it’s life changing. So, stay tuned for that coming soon.

This closet edit is my specialty and my favorite thing to do! It’s my favorite simply because it makes such an impact on people’s lives. Having an organized closet of clothes that you actually wear, clothes that you love and clothes that make you feel confident…that sets each day of yours up for success. For my friends and clients, I am truly a decision maker and I can personally tell you if you will wear it again and let’s be honest, if you “should” wear it again. It’s nice to have someone other than yourself with you when you’re editing your closet. You need a friend (or me) who is not emotionally attached and can tell you with absolute truth if you should keep it or donate it. If you’re interested in getting help with your closet edit, please comment below or email me at We can simply discuss your options and I can tell you more about the process.