“I worked with Madison when I needed to gather 3 outfits for a wedding weekend. I get intimidated when going to certain events to make sure I am wearing the right clothes, but Madison took all the guess-work out of it. We went shopping and over the course of 3 hours: had 3 fabulous outfits ready from head to toe. I felt confident and received so many compliments!” -Katherine

“Two years ago, Madison did a whole wardrobe consultation in my closet. She came over and identified what needed to stay and what needed to be donated. Then, she organized all my clothes to help me make decisions on what to wear. It helps so much when I rushed in the morning!” -Jerry

“Madison of Styled by Madison is such a great resource when it comes to fashion especially making me feel comfortable and beautiful in putting together an outfit.  I often struggle with taking a risk with my clothes, but Madison offers me encouragement, confidence and ideas to branch out of my normal style.  She is always up to date on current trends and offers suggestions to fit my body type.  Most importantly, she makes me feel beautiful because of my inner qualities that are just accentuated by feeling confident with the clothes I’m wearing.  She offers her honest opinion and really does want everyone to feel great in their clothes.” -Melissa